Great homepages – 5 for great conversions

Those in the business of ecommerce know that driving traffic to a website is only half the battle. Visits need to be turned into conversions. The following are 5 homepages that get the customer journey off to a great start.

A lot of this homepage is dedicated to special offers and discounts. There’s also mention of Free delivery on orders over £30. “Free” things are vital conversion factors for any ecommerce website. One of the best things about this homepage is the use of flags to represent each of the 40 countries delivered to. This enables site visitors to quickly work out whether or not they can receive goods and therefore whether or not they need to proceed with their journey.

This homepage features a rotating banner linking to some of their best deals. One of these offers is their “Deal of the Day” which features a real-time countdown to expiry. This is a nice touch as it creates a sense of urgency to buy.

The “Shop Women” and “Shop Men” calls to action on this homepage leave visitors with little doubt as to which direction they should be heading on their journey. Sending customers the “right way” as early as possible in their journey is always good for conversions.

This homepage is a good example of how to use colour to highlight important parts of your site. The sale red really stands out and makes it highly apparent there are discounts to be had. Like “Free” things discounts also serve as vital conversion factors.

This homepage features plenty of “Book Now” call to actions. It also has a “quick book” facility that takes visitors straight to the booking page of a specific showing. This is nice feature as it eliminates a lot of the potential barriers to conversion.