Experts View: The Marketing Method More People Should be using in 2017 (episode 083-5)

In 2016 the our Experts View episodes that we started the year with were some of our most popular episodes – so it was a no-brainer to create them again for you as we enter 2017.

We’ve got 2 “Experts View” shows for you –  in each I’ll be bringing you the opinions of some of the top people in eCommerce from around the world.

The first show is already live and you can check it out here

For this second show I asked a number of experts what they think is the number one marketing method for eCommerce success in 2017.

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Experts View 2017 marketing tip
Chris Dawson:

Chris is co-founder and editor of Tamebay, prior to that he was a full time eBay seller for over eight years making his living by trading on the platform.

  • Exporting and marketplaces

Heather McIlvane:

Editor of Australia’s Internet Retailing magazine

  • Mobile video advertising

Anne-Sophie Forget:

an eCommerce Professional working for a big agency

  • Audiences and personalisation
  • RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising)

Skip Fidura:

Client Services Director, dotmailer, and DMA group board member

  • Human conversations that scale
  • Email marketing segmentation and personalisation

Paul Skeldon:

Editor of M-Retailing

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Alex O’Byrne:

Alex is co-founder of WeMakeWebsites who are officially the UK’s highest rated Shopify web designers.

  • Double down on what works.
  • Be ready to switch tactics.