EU Threat to Mail Order Industry – Act Now!

This is a bit of heavy topic for a Monday morning – but it’s too important to wait to Tuesday!


There is new EU Data Protection Regulation on it’s way that in it’s current form aims to outlaw database profiling. This will remove lots of targeting and segmentation techniques – basically making mailing less effective, leading to more catalogues being printed and mailed to keep order volumes up.

It’s also proposing to make 3rd party mailing preference an active opt-in. This might not have a big effect in the first year, but it a few years down the line it will kill off the list rental, and data-swap markets – that will put retailers out of business.

What should you do?

The CatexDCA trade body are all over this – so to understand the full situation visit their website, or give them a call.

But there a couple of direct actions you can take right now.

First, email with the following information:

  • Number of permanent employees in your business
  • Number of temporary/contract employees in your business
  • Estimated number of jobs at companies supplying your business
  • Total annual direct/catalogue/online sales of your business
  • Company name
  • Your name

This will be used to add weight to their lobbying activity. If you don’t have precise figures your best estimate will be fine.

Second, write your own MEP/MP – you can find details of who that is, plus a sample letter to download on the CatexDCA website.