Equichoice’s Chantal Wellavize – balancing 2 business, great customer service tips and a 600% roi marketing method (episode 084)

Chantal Wellavize founded Equichoice in 2006 as a kind of “meeting of problems and passions,” to allow both a flexible schedule with her daughter and to play into her passion for horses. Equichoice is a bricks and clicks store selling products your horse would choose. Chantal is also a consultant for HR On Tap.

This is the third of our ‘2017 eCommerce Growth Series Sponsored by Veeqo the Number 1 Inventory Software’. The series will be running throughout January and is packed with insight and advice to help you make 2017 your best year yet. Find the full series here.

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equichioce podcast
About the business

  • eCommerce Business Structure – Bricks and Clicks
  • Product Range Scale – in the middle
  • Selling on the Volusion platform, and also on eBay and Amazon (and since recording… migrated to Shopify)
  • Key Widgets: Live-Chat Add-On
  • Equichoice is based in Lincolnshire, England, and ships worldwide

Listen to hear how Chantal juggles Equichoice with HR consulting, divides and blocks her time, and maintains flexibility.

Most Awesome Thing Right Now

The flexibility for time with her daughter, ability to flex the business around her family and personal life.

Listen to hear more about working family life around work.

Advice for Customer Service

Accepts returns for 365 days as long as the product is unused. If the customer is not happy, fix the problem.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Integrated system — Facebook advertisements pointing to blog posts which then point to content and email marketing, followed by remarketing.

Listen to hear more about this marketing strategy.

Tool Top Tip

  • Place Priorities on Desktop
  • Use To-Do Productivity App

Start Up Top Tip

  • Do not buy loads of stock. Get a small handful of really good products and market them.

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