Email Whitelisting

[if you’d like to copy this to use on your website for your customers – please feel free!]

Making sure emails reach the inbox is a constant challenge for online marketers (so yes, you should be getting your customers to do all this too!). It’s a challenge because all the email and internet companies are using programs to block email they think their customers don’t want to see. Unfortunately these programs often block emails you do want to get.

So to ensure you do receive your eCommerce MasterPlan emails you’ll need to do the following (don’t worry it’s pretty straight forward).

You need to add our email address to your email ‘whitelist’ – this is a list of email addresses and domain names which you WANT to hear from. So it tells your email provider to please make sure these ones get delivered to your inbox.

Each email system has a different way to ‘white list’, we’ve added links below to the how tos for some of the biggest. If yours isn’t there then contact your providers customer service team for instructions. (please also send them to us, and we might add to the below to help out the next person!)


  • In your inbox find an email from us (
  • Drag it to the “Primary” tab of your inbox


  • Open an email from us (
  • There should be a “+” symbol next to our ‘From name’
  • Click on this and an ‘add to contacts’ pop up should appear
  • Select ‘save’


  • From the top menu, select “Mail” and then “Preferences”
  • In the Preferences window – click the “Rules” icon, then select “Add Rule”
  • In the Rules window – type a name for your rule in the Description field then set up the rule:
    ‘If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains perform the following actions: Move Message to Inbox’

Outlook 2003 & later

  • In your inbox find an email from us (
  • Right click on it
  • Select ‘junk e-mail’ from the menu
  • Click “add sender to safe senders list”