eCommerce Unlocked 2021 The Notes

Thanks for coming along to my session “Bricks & Clicks Success Stories: Growth Tactics in Action”, this page has links to all the key resources I mentioned – the majority of which are totally free for you to learn from.



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One – Fix your Foundations

  • 289: Maintaining profits when the stores shut with Industry West CMO Ian Leslie
  • 332: Covid 12 months on with Ian Leslie from Industry West (in this one we talk about the warehouse clearance site)
  • 329: Shifting from F2F to 90% eCommerce with Vanessa Ungvarsky from Taylor Made Polish
  • Jarrold’s of Norwich (hopefully an episode with Neil in the future!)

Two – Pick your Marketing Focus

To Acquire

To Retain

Case Studies

Three – Capitalise on Trends


  • Pretty much all the above!!


  • Super helpful resource to help you improve your sustainability stakes – Small99
  • 326: Shifting from offline to online marketing and getting on top of attribution with Ryan Shannon from BAM
  • 160: Guest blogging and the solitary bee with Green & Blue’s Faye Clifton. All about passion


  • 342: Embracing Movement Marketing with bestselling author Chip Walker
  • 351 Learn multiple ways to REALLY connect with your customers with Leane Tilley from Kineta (episode will be live in October!)
  • 355 Growing a Jewelry business from craft fairs to $2m+ a year with Larissa Loden (episode will be live in November)

Extra Tips from the Q&A

I’m aiming to add anything here on the train home!!

Podcasts and Books

keep optimising podcast

Keep Optimising Podcast

Each month a different topic. Every Weds a new Expert Interview

ecommerce marketing: how to get traffic that buys to your website by chloe thomas

Bestselling Book

Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook

ecommerce masterplan podcast

eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

Every Monday an interview with an eCommerce retailer.