eCommerce Traffic Tips from our 2015 Podcast Guests

Whilst preparing the 2015 Highlights shows I spent a lot of time going through our interviewees eCommerce Traffic Tips. The Highlights shows only focused on a handful of areas, so I thought I’d compile the top tips here into a blog for you all.

This is a great checklist to make sure you have the key areas covered!

I ask each guest for their Traffic Top Tip:

Which marketing method do you either prize above all others, or think doesn’t get the press it deserves?

Follow the links if you want to hear the advice being discussed in more detail.

2015 top traffic blogHow you approach your marketing:

  • Hilary from ECCO:
    “Congruency and Consistency over everything you do will increase the performance of all your traffic generation methods.”
  • Phil from Guthy Renker:
    “Urgency with exclusivity – it’s all about the power of the call to action. Every campaign should have an end date – that’s a true end date. Every campaign should have a unique & exclusive offer. (exclusive products help!)”
  • Andy from Home Leisure Direct:
    “Do everything – go after lots of routes to market to limit your risk”
  • Sebastian of HoneyTree:
    “Believe in your brand, and use it consistently. Especially in the quality of your parcels.”
  • Alex from Serious Readers:
    “Know your customer
    Test test test”
  • Dorin from Bursa de Anvelope:
    “Mouth to mouth – inpsiring customer recommendations and getting people talking about the business”

Content marketing and driving search traffic:

  • Andrew from Allergy Best Buys:
    “Great content, in order to get search traffic. Takes a lot of work, but makes a real difference.”
  • Pascal from Electric Tobacconist:
    “The Long Tail – Write content that your customer wants to read. Pascal does this for 2 hours every weekday.”
  • Eric from Beardbrand:
    “YouTube – helps the audience understand the vision and passion of your business.”

Full summary of the content marketing advice from 2015 is in the second of our Highlights podcast episodes

PR (or getting your content onto other people’s platforms):

  • Tom from Goodbye Crutches:
    “Podcasts – we didn’t pay him to say this honestly! Through appearing on Podcasts Tom has seen conversion rates of between 25%-50%, impressive!”
  • Rohan from Wet Shave Club:
    “Identify the top Bloggers and youTubers then get them to feature your product”

Offline Marketing:

  • Kritika from My Art Gallery:
    “Traditional marketing- direct mail.”
  • Martin of Muck Munchers:
    “Advertising in the press – Off the page ads”

Social Media:

  • Zak from Prezzybox:
    “Use the free social media tools. Especially Instgram – and commit to it in order to get the flywheel effect.”
  • Judi from Mannequin Madness:
    “Pinterest – pictures cross language barriers, and you don’t get the negativity of Facebook”

Full summary of the social media marketing advice from 2015 is in the second of our Highlights podcast episodes

Online Advertising:

  • Linda from Sugru:
    “Facebook – sponsored posts”
  • Valerian of Lifestyle Labs:
    “Google Adwords”
  • Katherine of Plums Lingerie:
    “Adwords Keywords – key traffic source, focusing on the brands and being very specific with the keywords”
  • William of Maxwell Scott Bags:
    “Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) – every last option in it!”

Email Marketing:

  • Bonnie from Miso Tasty:
    “Monthly high-quality email newsletters”
  • Sue from Blacker Yarn:
    “Email marketing, using MailChimp – which then creates word of mouth”
  • John from Beads Direct:
    “Email. Segment to maximise your return.”
  • James from The Pyjama Store:
    “Email marketing – get the email, then have a conversation with them”