eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – sneak preview of the cover!

As you know at the moment I’m working on my second book – eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – it’s a re-write of the first half of the Original eCommerce MasterPlan. I’ve decided to re-write it to improve lots of little things and ultimately make it an easy book for you, the reader, to use.

Last month I shared a content mindmap (you can see that here), and today I’m giving you an exclusive sneak preview of the cover of the new book!Cover eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8Admittedly it’s not a million miles from the original cover, but when you see the spine and the back you’ll see more changes! (you’ll have to get your hands on a copy to see). I’ve kept it fairly similar on purpose – because this book is full of the same great message as the original – just new and improved!

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Of course, if you can’t wait until the publication date to get your hands on the eCommerce MasterPlan – then we still have a few copies of the Original available to buy for just £5.99! You can get it here.