Content marketing with Jacqueline Parisi of Hello Fresh – we dive into blogs, quizzes, & KPIs (episode 150)

Jacqueline Parisi is a Copywriter at the American arm of meal kit company Hello Fresh. One of her core responsibilities is to write and post 3 blogs a week – including getting them ready AND tracking the KPIs (that’s key performance indicators / results), as well as email copy, product copy and more. She also works with the American and global teams on a range of other written content. Including developing the official editorial style guide for the USA team, to ensure consistent brand messaging, voice, and tone across both marketing and products. Phew! We have serious expert with us today!

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About the business

  • eCommerce Business Structure – Online Only
  • Located in ten international markets with global headquarters in Berlin
  • Jacqueline works in the American branch for the US audience with its headquarters located in Manhattan, New York City, USA
  • The American branch sells across the entire continental United States
  • The product is a meal kit delivery service

Listen to learn how food is only one “ingredient” to dinnertime success, and to learn about the wine club, which is exclusive to the USA branch.

Getting Started

Jacqueline had been an English major and studied literature at university. She wanted to write. She started out working in traditional book publishing before moving into digital content marketing. When she was seeking how to combine her enthusiasm for the food industry with her editorial background, she came across HelloFresh.

Most Awesome Thing Right Now

The most awesome thing right now is that the meal kit industry is so saturated. HelloFresh is in an increasingly crowded market, and competitors are delivering a fairly compatible product. What makes that awesome is that the task at hand for HelloFresh is not to convince prospective customers to use meal kits, it’s to convince them to use HelloFresh. Content is a way to set them apart as unique in the industry, with a differentiating brand identity. When done correctly, content can create a relationship that leads to trust, which fosters alignment between their business goals, prospective customers, and active customers. Buying food off the internet is still a relatively novel concept, but being at this critical hinge point is where brand execution really shines. It’s super exciting for Jacqueline to be a copywriter and work on innovative, compelling executions.

Cultivating Trust

HelloFresh publishes a lot of content that is not specific to their in-box experience, such as recipe roundups, tips and tricks, or longform guides. They are trying to create a relationship and play the long game, and establishing themselves as a credible source of information helps cultivate trust between them and their customers, and also with people who are not yet their customers.

How they package and publish content is very important as well. They keep it exciting with videos, infographics, polls, and quizzes.

Content Decisions and Process

When content was first introduced to HelloFresh, it was at a point where if they had to write a blog post, they just wrote it. However, as they’ve grown and developed and their identity evolved from not just a meal kit but also to a publisher and 21st century food brand, they began to develop more processes and workflows. Their current process begins with a monthly brainstorming meeting, where they consider what is currently trending in the world of food, what is appropriate for their audience, and the business KPIs. Then they consult with their graphic designers and videographers, research SEOs to find the best keywords for the post, and write the post guided by those keywords.

Although the product of course has to be visible in the content, Jacqueline warns against only thinking of your product when you write content. If it’s only product-based, it can’t travel well because it can’t stand on its own merits. Content must resonate with customers on an emotional level.

Listen to learn why it is important to do SEO searches and preliminary research before writing content.

Distributing the Content

HelloFresh’s main source of traffic is their weekly newsletter. Jacqueline also works closely with the social media team to promote content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. She tracks how much traffic comes from social media each week to gauge how those efforts are panning out. Additionally, she submits content to recipe sharing sites like Foodgawker and publishes posts on the HelloFresh app. Since they spend a significant amount of time in the content creation process, they want to get as many eyes as possible on that content and get as much return as possible on that investment.


The main metrics that HelloFresh is looking at in their KPIs include the time a customer spends on the page, pageviews by source, social interaction, and referrals, as well as the ratio between social interaction and referrals.

KPIs depend heavily on where the business is that month. The business drives the content, and the content drives the metrics they use for assessment. Looking at too many metrics at once is overwhelming.

Listen to hear an example about unveiling a new menu item.

Content Tips

In making content, it’s not just about what content you make, but also how you package it. One format that has worked very well for HelloFresh is quizzes. They use a platform called Interact to develop Buzzfeed-style quizzes. The platform has great tools that allow them to capture emails and access comprehensive analytics so they can see how readers are responding to each individual question.

Listen to hear an example of a burger quiz from when HelloFresh partnered with celebrity butcher Pat LaFrieda.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Steer away from content that is too product-focused or brand-focused. You content must stand on its own merits as entertaining, storytelling, and educational. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Logic is rarely appealing, it’s the emotion that gets remembered and shared.

You can hear about all this on the podcast, for free – right now…

Tool Top Tip

  • Asana

Growth Top Tip

Write content. Don’t be afraid to invest in content marketing and explore content marketing as a tool for growth. Be sure that you are consistent in everything, including the words you do and do not use, your message, your tone, whether you use the word ‘and’ or the ampersand, and whether or not you use the Oxford comma. Have an eagerness to invest in content marketing beyond just the functional explanations of your product.

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