Your eCommerce Problems Solved in Chloe’s eCommerce Club

At eCommerce MasterPlan, we are committed to helping you solve your marketing problems – but Chloë doesn’t have the bandwidth to help all of you one on one.

So we’ve created “Chloe’s eCommerce Club” as a place where our audience can help each other, and Chloe and other friendly experts can help you too.

Key things you need to know about Chloe’s eCommerce Club:

  • It’s all about helping you hit your eCommerce success goals
  • It’s an online community on a platform all of it’s own – so you don’t need to be on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to take part
  • It’s totally FREE!

Why we’re running Chloe’s eCommerce Club as an MVP

Now don’t think it’s because we don’t have plenty of ideas for helping you!

Chloe has LOTS of ideas for the club but we want to actually do the things that are going to help you! So we’re starting simple, and a little rough around the edges so that the Club is there to help you, and so that rather than building the club to end all clubs – we’re going to be guided by what YOU need and build the club that way.

Renewed focus for 2024

We learnt a lot about the club in 2023 – mainly that we need to make it a priority, so that’s what we’re doing in 2024.

It’s a great time to join us… Apply to Join now: