The Customer MasterPlan Model – use it to improve your marketing performance (episode 269)

In this episode we’re doing something a little different. Last November I published a thoroughly updated version of my book eCommerce Marketing: how to Get Traffic that BUYS to your Website.

Since then it’s consistently been the number 1 ‘eCommerce’ book on, and frequently hits number one positions in the USA and around the world.

Thank you to all of you who’ve bought it, read it, reviewed it on Amazon and used it to help you build your business!

Well in March the Audiobook version FINALLY went live.

(Why it’s taken so long is a story that’s almost as boring to tell as it was frustrating to live through – so I’m not going to bore you with it!) Suffice to say – it’s now available!

So to celebrate that in this episode rather than an interview I’m bringing you a Chapter of the audiobook.

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ecommerce marketing audiobook launched on the podcast

Part 1: The Customer MasterPlan Model

Just hit the play button above to hear the whole of Part 1 The Customer MasterPlan Model for free.

I’ve picked this section to share with you because I think it’s one of the most helpful sections of the book – it takes you through my Customer MasterPlan Model and how you can use it to improve your marketing. 

It works for businesses of all shapes and sizes – so I think you’re going to find it very useful too.

Get the whole audiobook of eCommerce Marketing

In this episode we’ve shared Part 1, there are a further 4 parts (which are considerably longer!!).

  • Part 2 takes you through the Core eCommerce Marketing Methods in turn – SEO, Email Marketing, Search Engine Advertising – Keywords, Search Engine Advertising – Products, Online Advertising – Audience Targeting and Social media
  • Part 3 takes you through 6 additional marketing methods. For each marketing method covered I take you through who it works best for, how to optimise it, what numbers to measure, and lots of tips to make it successful for you. Whether you’re doing the marketing yourself or briefing an agency this will help you be more successful faster.
  • In Part 4 I share my ‘Marketing Maxims’ with you – a group of theories and tactics that work across all marketing methods lifting the impact of your marketing and improving your return on investment. 
  • And Part 5 is The Customer MasterPlan 4 Week Marketing Transformation Challenge – to help you quickly turn what you learn into great results.

You can get the full audiobook right now on all good audiobook platforms including Audible:

And lots more:

It’s called eCommerce Marketing: How to Get Traffic that Buys to your website and it’s by me Chloe Thomas.

If you’re not yet sure you want to invest in the whole book then head to to take the free crash course – 2 chapters with video and audio guides too.

In next week’s episode I’ll be sharing a couple of chapters from Part 4 My Marketing Maxims. So make sure you’ve subscribed to the show so you don’t miss out on them.

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