Creating Great Content for Boring Things

Having great content on your website is one of the best ways to grow your eCommerce business. Last week I blogged about some great tools to use to find Content ideas, here’s a follow up on some great examples of content for the less interesting product.

What do I mean by Great Content?

Great content is…

  • About your products
  • Something people want to share – so interesting, funny, informative, linked to the latest news stories

And, it probably covers some keywords that bring you good quality traffic too. But, don’t bin a great content idea just because it doesn’t have keywords in it – if it’s about your products and something people want to share – do it!

“But my product is dull – how can I make it interesting?”

This is a question I get asked every time I talk on the subject of content marketing, so I’m guessing there are a lot of people out there struggling with it.

That’s why I’ve pulled together this post – to give some examples of companies who have fairly dull products, but who have used Content marketing to massively increase their traffic, and sales.

Dollar Shave Club – zany what-we-do video

Dollar Shave Club is a shaving razor subscription service in the USA. Not exciting.

If you listen to the words in this video, it’s actually pretty dull – it’s just Michael Dubin telling you about the company and their product. It’s the visuals that make it uber share-able.

So this is great content, about the product, and very shareable (to date nearly 8.5 million views on YouTube).

For more read my previous post about this video.

BlendTec – Will it Blend?

This the daddy of all boring-product-interesting-content examples. Not least because it’s been around since before “Content Marketing” existed.

BlendTec manufacture and sell Blenders. Very high quality blenders, home models start from over $400. The obvious content choices would be specification lists, how tos, videos of them being used by chefs, and recipes. All that is linked to the product and shareable, but there are 100s of food blogs, restaurants, and supermarkets using the same sort of content. So how can they stand out?

Well, they decided to find out what they could blend – and “Will it Blend?” was born. In each video Tom Dickson tries to blend something, it might be the latest iPhone, Superglue, a Rose, or a Skeleton. The blending may or may not be successful, that’s not the point – they’ve even pitched their own models against each other. The point is to get people interested in Blenders, and making them aware of the BlendTec brand. With millions of viewers of each video, and a t-shirt range, it would be safe to say they’ve done it.


Let me know how you get on with creating content for your business.