CommerceNow 2024 Chloe’s Resource Pack

Thank you for attending my session at CommerceNow 24!

Below you’ll find some resources I think you’ll find useful, and that build on what I discussed in my session.

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Session Resources

Download the slide deck here

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Intro Section

1. Build Connection & Trust

What Connection to Make?

The podcast interviews with brands where we discuss this are as follows:

How to make the connection?

The podcast interviews with brands where I discuss this:

Some podcasts specifically about HOW to do it:

Connecting Everywhere – the Traffic That Buys Model

  • A video explaining my Traffic That Buys model in more detail
  • On the Keep Optimising Podcast we’ve probably explored any marketing channel you’re thinking of tackling or optimising in detail find all our topics here
  • Interview with testing master Ian Leslie from Industry West – listen here

2. Using Promos to Improve Profits

Golden Promotional Rule

Feel free to download and print!

  • Hear Chloe discuss in more detail in this episode
  • And our discussion about it, and other ways to make Black Friday more profitable here

3. How to Do More With Less

  • Split everything into your “Could List” and your “Should List”
  • Avoid Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs) or at least consign them to a “maybe later” list
  • Tech Stack Optimisation – episode 485

Podcasts and Books

Keep Optimising Marketing Podcast

Keep Optimising Podcast

Each month a different topic. Every Weds a new Expert Interview

ecommerce marketing: how to get traffic that buys to your website by chloe thomas

Bestselling Book

Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook

ecommerce masterplan podcast

eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

Every Monday an interview with an eCommerce retailer.