Colin Gray on Podcasting for Retailers – should you run your own podcast? how can you get customers by being a podcast guest? (episode 040)

Podcasting is a great way to attract customers to your business, and begin that trust-building conversation with them. Last year on the podcast Tom Schwab of Goodbye Crutches named being a podcast guest as his “number one traffic generation tip”. So in this episode I’m interviewing podcasting expert Colin Gray of The Podcast Host.

I’m a frequent listener to Colin’s podcast, and if it wasn’t for his session at New Media Europe last year you wouldn’t be getting our bonus series! So I’m very excited to have him on the show explaining the various ways you can use podcasting to attract customers to your website.

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Colin Gray of The Podcast Host

Areas we discussed

Why it’s a great time to get involved in podcasting

Podcasting in eCommerce

How to run your own podcast:

  • Should you run a podcast?
  • Ways to maximise it’s impact
  • Colin’s key tips before you start
  • Including the PAPA planning method (Purpose, Audience, Promotions, Approach)

Being a guest on other people’s podcasts:

  • How to find podcasts to be on
  • (want to be on the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast? just fill in the form to apply)
  • How to get onto the podcasts
  • Prepping for an interview

Great, inexpensive, easy to use microphones:

  • Sennheiser PC USB Internet Telephony On-Ear Headset
  • Samson Q2U Microphone

Listen to hear our discussions on all these topics

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Number 1 = Podcasts (surprise!)
  • Number 2 = Regularly publishing articles on your own website that address your customers questions

Tool Top Tip

  • Use 4 tools together in a system:

Start Up Top Tip

  • Leave your office, go out, and meet people

If your business didn’t exist, which eCommerce Business Would you like to be Running?

  • Something in mountain biking, in order to get the samples!

Interview Links & Other Useful Resources

There have been a couple of developments since recording – so here’s some other info for you:

  • One of our previous guests Eric from BeardBrand has started his own podcast to promote his eCommerce business – “Urban Beardsman Show is a men’s show that focuses on grooming, lifestyle, and self improvement. It helps men discover the bearded lifestyle and gives an alternative outlook to men’s style that mainstream publications don’t discuss.” Find out more about Urban Beardsman Show
  • Another of our guests (Tom from Goodbye Crutches, who raved about podcasting as a marketing method) has launched a “full service concierge level podcast booking service”, what that means is that if you want to try out being a podcast guest as a way to market your business they’ll do all the hard work for you. It’s called Interview Valet and you can find out more here.