Exponential growth driven by a commitment to sustainability with Dan Dicker from Circular & Co (episode 310)

Dan Dicker is the Managing Director and Founder at Circular and Co who manufacture and sell homewares with a conscience. Launched in 2003 they now £2.8m in annual sales

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About Dan

Dan’s background is in product design. He initially started the business as a wholesale business, which was common at that time, but in the past 7-9 years they’ve started to move more into eCommerce out of necessity as much as anything.

One of the big drivers that moved Dan into eCommerce was the desire to connect with consumers directly. eCommerce has given the company better margins, but also better control which has allowed the business to become more streamlined.

Dan loves aligning with and predicting market trends as well as driving innovation with his designs.   

About the Company

  • Based in Cornwall
  • Selling Worldwide
  • Fulfillment Centers in the US and across Europe
  • Manufacturing Facilities in different regions
  • Products designed from waste materials
  • Closed loop production facilities

About the Product

Circular & Co. has about 50 products that are all made from waste materials.

The company has everything from a range of plant pots made from recycled milk jugs to reusable cups made from paper waste from to-go cups.

They also create cradle to cradle products for other companies by looking at their unique waste stream as the point of inspiration.

  • Use WooCommerce through their website
  • Global sites are unique and purchases come from local distributors
  • Sell on Marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy
  • Operational Software called Unleashed 

Circular Economy

Dan and his company are passionate about the circular economy. Dan made the personal and professional choice 17 years ago to make products from waste.

He says it just so happens that the rest of the world has started becoming interested in the concept. Using today’s waste for tomorrow’s products is a vitally important mission.

Dan says that he’s struck by how naive it is to ignore the importance of participating in the circular economy. If you can increase the value of material each time you reuse a material—that’s a big win.

For example, the popular mug by Circular & co increases the value of paper cup material by more than 15%.

Circular & Co. has been working in this space for years, but eventually everyone will need to participate in  the circular economy. 

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Nothing beats people interacting with your product and building business via word of mouth.

Tool Top Tip

  • Microsoft Teams

Growth Top Tip

  • Be Mission Based and remain patient

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