Christmas Card Video = Brand Builder, and Content Marketing

There are lots of Christmas videos doing the rounds at the moment (strangely enough!), but I think this one’s a great example of how it can be used in eCommerce to build some depth and personality into the brand so I thought I’d blog about it. (plus I promised Mark the owner of The Present Finder that I would, as he gave me such a lovely review of my book – it’s only fair to reciprocate at this time of year!)

Using Behind the Scenes Videos to Build Brand Awareness

Making the brand of a gifts ecommerce business more than just products and a URL is a challenge.

Building some brand loyalty and differentiation with your customers is also really key in the gift and gadget sector. Usually an eCommerce business in the sector will have got “Present” or “Gift” in the brand name which can lead to customers getting confused about which is which, and a lot of the product range is common among them. So to keep your customers you need to build both great customer service AND build the brand so customers feel an affinity with it and keep coming back year after year.

A great way to do that is to show the people and the places behind the brand – make it real.

That’s exactly what this video does:

  • Features lots of the team
  • Features lots of the products
  • It’s very silly – I dare you not to laugh! Which fits with a lot of the product range
  • It’s filmed around the warehouse and offices – so the customer gets to see behind the scenes, see that it’s a real business
  • Plus there are sections in the beautiful town of Sherborne – this is company that’s very very real!

Enough of my thoughts – have a look at the video yourself! and share you comments!

The Present Finder Christmas Video