Why the Chicken?

The eCommerce MasterPlan ChickenThe Short Answer

Because there are no stupid questions in eCommerce.

The Long Answer

The Chicken on the CoverWhen my first book published I held a launch party in Oxford. A few people arrived a little late, so a fair bit of wine was consumed before I spoke about the book.

After I’d finished my introduction, I asked if there were any questions – in the middle of the audience my mum and a friend were debating a question, so I suggested they ask it, and my mum said “Why is there a chicken on the cover?”

It did raise a giggle, but was a very good question – because it’s simple things like that that can leave you in the dark and mean you miss great opportunities.

So, there are no stupid questions in eCommerce.

Have you got a question you’d like to ask? But haven’t dared to until now?

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