We can all Learn a lot from Dan’s simple approach

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to interview Dan Adler of Wink Beds – in just one year he took his business to a $2 million turnover with a simple approach.

Please don’t go thinking “simple” means “easy” – achieving and sticking to this level of simplicity is really hard.

Simple website

Dan launched the business using an off the shelf website from Squarespace because he just needed something that did the job so he could focus on more important things.

Simple product

The team at Wink Beds designed a great mattress that is suitable for 95% of the population. And that is all they sell. One mattress, in standard bed sizes.

Simple customer acqusition marketing – getting the first visit

To make customers aware of Wink Beds and get them to the website they did just one thing. Set up an affiliate account with Sharesell and recruited those who blog about beds and sleep to write about the product.

The blogger got a free mattress to review, and a commission on any sales from traffic they sent to the website.

Simple customer acqusition marketing – getting the repeat visits until they buy

People like to research a mattress, and it takes a while to make the decision to buy. So Dan’s team put the majority of their marketing effort into remarketing (aka retargeting) using the Adroll platform. Showing ads on Google Adwords, Facebook and wider.

Initially those ads were of the buy buy buy nature, but now they’re focused on driving people to content  – learn more about our mattress / learn more about us.

Can you go simple?

Take a look at your business, is it a simple business hidden in a complicated one?

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