Bureau Direct’s Dominic Irons explains how he’s focused on the customer to grow to 3,500 orders per month (episode 039)

Dominic Irons is the owner of multi-award-winning retailer of cool stationery Bureau Direct. Dominic has grown his low AOV business up to 3,500 orders per month at peak using a range of methods including a focus on design, great products, and great customer communication.

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Dominic Irons of Bureau Direct
About the business

Listen to hear how Dominic and his team work to make their customers feel a part of the family

Most Awesome Thing Right Now

Dominic is most excited about Bureau Direct’s weekly newsletter – ‘Stationery Wednesday’. He describes it as having taken on a life of it’s own and feels it has come closest to portraying the personal nature to their customers they aspire to.

Listen to hear more about the success of Bureau Direct’s email marketing strategy.

On the Radar for the Coming Months

Following a busy Christmas top of Dominic’s list at the moment is recruiting some new members to the team as well as looking at a new platform for the website. But their main project is to continue to develop the Bureau Direct brand – ensuring they communicate the brand identity to customers in a consistent voice across all communication channels.

Listen to hear more about Bureau Direct’s plans for the future

eCommerce Book Top Tip

Blue Ocean Strategy by W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

Bureau Direct has seen great results through Google PPC the core of what they do is with basic Keywords although they have had success with Shopping Campaigns and are currently looking at introducing some remarketing.

Tool Top Tip

*Shameless Plug* a notebook that combines digital and analogue the Leuchtturm Link Notebook brings note taking into the digital age!

Start Up Top Tip

Dominic’s advice is to be wary of data. He appreciates it is a fantastic resource but you can get trapped in a vortex of too much information! Be clear about what you think are the most important things to measure – look only at this data that matters – put the rest to one side.

If your business didn’t exist, which eCommerce Business Would you like to be Running?

Rapha – it is an upmarket cycling.  According to Dominic they do a fantastic job of combining online eCommerce with social media and content which includes films, articles and interviews. Everything they produce fits perfectly around the idea of what they want their brand to be.

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