Bounce Rates Explained [infographic]

Bounce Rates.

An eCommerce stat that can provoke endless debate – how much should you care about them? What’s the right way to analyse them? Is it good or bad? But which if you can get a handle on it can be used to increase site engagement, leading to better conversion rates (even if it’s just a tidying up the numbers game rather than a full on sales increase!).

The first step to any of this is to understand what they actually are, and this infographic has the best explanation I’ve come across yet.

A few Bounce Rate health warnings before you look at it though.

  1. the over bounce rate of your website is irrelevant
  2. look at the bounce rate of specific pages – then ‘fix’ them, if they need fixing (if people are leaving when you don’t want them to)
  3. look at the bounce rate of specific traffic sources – the ‘fix’ them, if they need fixing (improve the landing pages, point the traffic somewhere else, tighten up the keywords / traffic source targeting)
  4. benchmarking – only benchmark against yourself. Month on month, traffic source vs traffic source etc

And if you’re an eCommerce MasterPlan inner circle member – go and take a look at the past webinar video I’ve done on the subject!

here’s the infographic: