Championing Sustainability Through Seasonless Fashion with Lyndie Benson, Bleusalt (episode 434)

Lyndie Benson is the founder, CEO AND Chief Creative Officer at Bleusalt – a luxurious line of seasonless basics made sustainably 100% in the USA from the softest fibres on earth. Founded in 2017, they sell via a Shopify site and a flagship store in Malibu, and since launch have sold $25 million of product.

Lyndie Benson Bleusalt on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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Starting Bleusalt from Scratch

Lindy was in the process of starting a different business when she came across a fabric that felt incredible but was bad for the environment.

She wanted to see if there was a more sustainable option and kept researching until she found Tencel, the fabric that Bleusalt has been using since the start. Because of her passion for the soft fabric that was good for the planet, Lindy launched Bleusalt as a capsule collection for friends and a few members of the press.

The Bleusalt Team

The Bleusalt team is a combination of employees and contractors, and for Lindy, there are advantages to having this set-up.

She says deciding what projects and tasks are to be given to contractors and employees usually comes down to the budget.

Focusing on Seasonless Basics

Lindy feels everyone needs to have classic basics in their wardrobe, which is the foundation of Bleusalt.

At Bleusalt, they spend time getting the silhouette and fit right, regardless of body type. Each piece is designed to look good on everybody and take you from day to night and everywhere in between.

Changing Consumer Behavior

What Lindy is trying to promote is less shopping, which is more sustainable.

With simple, classic pieces, she wants consumers to appreciate how to have a wardrobe that works for them. Even with just a few items that have the right silhouette and fit, you have everything you need.

She believes in price-per-wear quality, and this means buying wardrobe pieces that will last you for many years.

Introducing Capsule Wardrobes

Bleusalt has 6-, 9-, and 12-piece capsule wardrobes. Each capsule contains pieces that can take you from day to night and that you can mix with your favorite items.

The six-piece capsule has all of Bleusalt’s best-sellers, and Lindy says these can take you so far, especially when you’re traveling.

With Bleusalt’s eco-friendly fabric and concept of quality and timeless fashion, looking good has never been more sustainable.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Right now, it’s still Facebook Meta for Lindy and Bleusalt.

Tool Top Tip

  • A video joiner app that lets you create stories, reels, and even ads by stitching a few clips together.

Growth Top Tip

  • Look inside, find out what’s already working, and double down on that. Rather than looking outward, look inward instead.

Interview Links

*Thank you to Ronald Dod from ReaLift for the introduction to Lindy!

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