Trace Meyer on Bitcoin for eCommerce – what is bitcoin? what can it do for us eCommerce people? (episode 025)

Today we’re doing something a little different.

As many of you know I recently visited the USA on a learning trip – one of the things I did on that trip was attend a podcasting conference, and one of my fellow attendees knows a LOT about Bitcoin. I’ll be honest Bitcoin is something I’ve purposefully ignored – a box I’ve chosen not to open!! But initial chats with Trace persuaded me that Bitcoin is a box I should open, and if I should be opening it, then all of you probably deserve to know a bit about it too.

So… on today’s podcast Trace Meyer will be helping us all to understand bitcoin, and what it can do for us eCommerce people.

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trace meyer bitcoin podcast

Trace Meyer has been involved in the Bitcoin world for many years, and is the host of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast.

I’m going to be asking him about bitcoin from the point of view of knowing next to nothing! (so we’re all going on this learning journey together!!).

My number one aim is that by the end of the show we all know enough to be able to work out if we should be looking at Bitcoin now (and if so where to start) OR how long we can continue to ignore it for! In which case leave it to me to alert you to when you need to factor it into your plans…. So the rough structure will be:

  • Just what is Bit Coin?
  • What does this mean for eCommerce and retail?
  • How pertinent is it right now.
  • And then our usual top tips round
  • And I’ll do a wrap up after we say good bye to Trace.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Content is king – add tremendous value for free

Tool Top Tip

Start Up Top Tip

  • Invest in Yourself – human capital is your biggest investment

If your business didn’t exist, which eCommerce Business Would you like to be Running?

  • hacking travel gear – following minimalist principles

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