What it takes to get to 8-figures on Shopify & Amazon with Bakblade’s Matt Dryfhout (episode 341)

Matt Dryfhout is the founder and CEO at BakBlade a men’s grooming brand founded in 2009 they now do over 8-figures a year with growth at 15-20%.

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Matt’s Beginnings In eCommerce

Matt says getting into eCommerce wasn’t something he planned. After graduating, he worked in sales and while he was good at what he did, he never felt satisfied and fulfilled just hitting quotas.

Around recession time, he began to look at products and markets, studying problems people have that have not been solved, and thinking he can come up with something.

Having his own problems with back hair, he scoured the market for products and solutions. Finding nothing he was happy with, he started dabbling with combs and razors and prototypes.

To get some wings, he realized he needed to have a working product and that’s how his relationship with Amazon and Shopify started.

Selling On Both Amazon And Shopify

The company started out on both Amazon and Shopify almost at the same time. They’ve never thought of leaving one platform, as Matt feels each has its own merit.

With good work ethic, determination, and really good product, Amazon can be a really good avenue for selling products.

That being said, Matt says you have to own your brand, website, and social presence. While Amazon is a fantastic partner, they don’t own your business so you have to put effort towards putting your brand out there.

Matt also feels there’s no need to shift customers from one platform to the other, since people have their own, different reasons for choosing Amazon over your own website, and vice versa.

About The Business

  • Based in Chicago, with 2 warehouses in the suburbs of Chicago
  • Has its own website, but also sells on Amazon and works with online partners both domestically and internationally
  • Products are also sold in Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart

The BakBlade products

BakBlade, their DIY men’s back shaver, is the flagship product that uses their unique DryGlide technology.

Matt says they’ve spent a lot of time asking their customers questions, knowing their needs, finding gaps, and looking at what they’re still missing. 

Expanding their product line is important, as he emphasizes that they are a grooming company and not just a shaver company.

With their motto of Clean Confidence, the company wants to be the solution for men who have back hair and grooming issues.

Outsourcing Fulfillment

BakBlade has a great relationship with ShipBob, their logistics partner.

The latter regularly meets with brand owners to find ways in making the entire fulfilment process better, which is important for any company.

One Step At A Time

Matt says they want to make sure they continue to evolve and make their technology better and better over time.

They’ve gone through so many different changes over the years but they’re still looking for ways to make BAKBlade better because they want to get it right.

Being a consumable product, he also mentions they’ve gotten really intentional about making their products great.

Spending time and budget on improving one product can potentially mean having satisfied, lifetime customers. 

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Put out unique content that strikes a nerve within a need and product

Tool Top Tip

  • Slack for flawless communication

Growth Top Tip

  • Look at your margins and what they look like, and make sure you’re not selling yourself short

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