2024 Growth Strategies that work from Baaj Capital’s Marianne Morrison (episode 495)

Marianne Morrison is the Investment Director at Baaj Capital, a fund that turns around and grows a portfolio of eCommerce brands. The portfolio currently includes about 30 eCommerce brands including 365 Games, In The Style, and Roov. 

Marianne Morrison Baaj Capital on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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[04:44] Different businesses require unique strategies for success. 
[08:22] Tech landscape has changed in the last decade. 
[10:38] Optimize tech strategy, and understand the market to succeed. 
[13:37] Varied strategies needed for diverse paid ad platforms. 
[16:41] Knowing when to stop, learn, and test. 
[18:44] Don’t try and do everything at once. 
[20:06] Listen to Marianne’s Top Tips! 

Focus on Key Initiatives 

Don’t try to do everything at once. Focus on a few initiatives that can be executed really well and supported effectively. Marianne says to prioritize and concentrate efforts on a limited number of tasks. This approach allows for deeper engagement and more thorough execution, leading to better outcomes. By focusing on fewer initiatives, businesses can ensure higher quality and effectiveness, learning from each initiative before moving on to the next. 

Diversification of Paid Traffic Strategies 

Diversify paid traffic strategies rather than relying on a single platform. Given the dynamic nature of the digital advertising landscape, especially with changes in privacy and cookie policies, it’s crucial to have a diverse approach to paid traffic. Relying too heavily on one platform can be risky. Diversification ensures that a business can reach its audience across multiple channels, reducing dependency on any single source of traffic and mitigating potential risks associated with platform-specific changes. 

Continuous Tech Stack Optimization 

Regularly review and optimize your tech stack to stay competitive. Technology is constantly evolving, and what worked a few years ago might not be the best option today. Marianne says to continuously evaluate your tech stack to ensure it meets your current and future business needs. This could involve re-platforming, updating backend systems, or integrating new tools that enhance efficiency and performance. Staying updated with the latest technology helps maintain a competitive edge. 

Authentic and High-Quality Content Creation 

Engage authentically with your audience through high-quality content, and ensure the brand’s involvement in content creation. Authenticity in content is key to building trust and engagement with customers. While hiring external agencies for content creation can be beneficial, it’s important that the brand remains actively involved to ensure the content reflects its true voice and values. Authentic content resonates more with audiences, fostering stronger connections and loyalty. 

Data-Driven Decision Making and AB Testing 

Use data-driven decision-making and AB testing to guide strategies and avoid assumptions. Making decisions based on data rather than intuition is important for success. Do AB testing to understand what works best for the audience. Testing different approaches on a significant audience size helps gather reliable data, which informs more effective strategies. This method helps to avoid costly mistakes and ensures that the strategies implemented are backed by solid evidence.

eCommerce Book Top Tip 

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip 

  • Understand the type of traffic you want to drive and its purpose. This is important because traffic for the sake of traffic is not particularly worthwhile. 

Tool Top Tip 

  • Effective communication and information sharing within the team. 

Carbon Top Tip 

  • The two biggest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of an eCommerce business are through efficient energy use and sourcing recyclable packaging. 

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