B2B eCommerce MasterPlan: How to Make Wholesale eCommerce a Key Part of Your Business to Business Sales Growth

B2B eCommerce MasterPlan
The first ever paperback copy!

I frequently get asked for more information by people working in B2B eCommerce – so it’s great to finally be able to produce the book that will help them out.

Whether you’re a wholesaler looking to start selling to your customers online, a manufacturer wanting to increase the orders coming through your website, or an online retailer looking to branch out into B2B sales – this book will take you through the key stages to making B2B eCommerce a success for your business.

It will take you through the four Stages to success:

  1. Should You Add eCommerce to Your Business?
  2. Getting Everyone and Everything Ready
  3. Making the Website a Reality
  4. Making B2B eCommerce a Success: Site Launch and Ongoing Marketing

Plus lots of case studies and 2 bonus chapters covering what successful websites need and if B2C eCommerce is for you.

“The book is structured in such a way it becomes the blueprint to building a B2B website the correct way and walks you through all the successes and pitfalls you will face on your journey. It will definitely save you time, money, and loads of stress. Chloe is an excellent author and eCommerce Guru and this book is testimony to her ongoing success.”

Rob Boyle, Digital Marketing Manager, qualtexuk.com

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Want to know exactly what we cover in B2B eCommerce MasterPlan?

b2b eCommerce MasterPlan contents

Reviews of B2B eCommerce MasterPlan:

Embarking on your eCommerce journey as any type of business can be incredibly daunting. But B2B eCommerce MasterPlan clearly and thoroughly lays out everything you need to know to get started adding this important new revenue stream to your business.
Neil Cocker – CEO, Ramp, ramptshirts.com

If you’re selling goods B2B and you’re not doing it online, you should be and Chloe’s most recent book explains why. This book contains all the information you need to make informed decisions and be confident you’re heading in the right direction.
Steve Nixon, Dayex, Ecommerce Manager, dayex.co.uk

As a 10 year veteran of B2B ecommerce with multiple online stores, this book made me chuckle with the honesty and the real-life advice.
In fact, some of (what I thought were) my own personal trade secrets are now listed in the book for everyone to know. It took me years to figure those out. Please don’t let my competitors read it.
This book is a godsend as it covers all ends of the process without any fluff. If you don’t have a successful B2B online presence, you MUST have Chloe’s book.
Jon Butt, Managing Director, FireProtectionOnline.co.uk

Those that are in B2B businesses know that B2B eCommerce truly is different than B2C eCommerce. In B2B, we have complex customers, complex products, and we have complex systems. This book does a fantastic job of detailing the reasons and tactics behind building and operating a B2B eCommerce site. I was incredibly impressed by the depth and case studies
Justin King, founder, eCommerceandB2B.com, Senior Partner at B2X Partners

As someone who has had a B2B ecommerce website for many years is and is now on version four I know how full of expensive pitfalls the process can be. Chloe has written an invaluable guide to these pitfalls and how to avoid them. Do not even begin the process without reading this book.
Kate Turner, Founder, Partypacks.co.uk

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