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Our page full of all our interviews with B Corps – and pending B Corps…

In 2023 we did our first month of episodes dedicated to B Corp, and it had quite an impact…

impact of our b corp content

So it’s been an easy decision to repeat our B Corp month for 2024. Again we’re doing it during the official “B Corp Month” March.

All 4 episodes for 2024 are now live (see 480-483 below) with all our topics and guests picked to help you:

  • Better understand the benefits of B Corp for an eCommerce Business
  • Understand the application process
  • Understand the process of staying a B Corp

We’ve even got Lucy Jeffrey from Bare Kind (who was singing our praises in 2023) on to share how she went from listening in 2023, to being a B Corp in time to record for 2024.

Love it when it goes full circle…

Get stuck into ALL our B Corp interviews (not just those that we put out in B Corp month) below.

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