Automating Pinterest – How to Schedule your Pins

Pinterest pinning buttons in browserPinterest continues to drive the best converting traffic to eCommerce websites. To increase your traffic from Pinterest you need to build a following by pinning regularly. For many businesses that means remembering to log in each day and pin a couple of images.

How much easier would it be if you could plan this week / month / quarter’s pinning in advance AND set it all up to go?

This blog is my quick guide to the services which are our there right now to help you do just that.

A warning before we get started though – as yet I’ve found nothing as good as the twitter scheduling tools (Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, tweet deck etc).

Chloë’s Current Number 1 Pin Scheduling Tool:



Probably soon to become Chloë’s Number 1 Pin Scheduling Tool:

I haven’t been able to test this one yet – awaiting an update from them, so watch this space…


Nice simple entry level option.

You can automate and schedule your pinning, measure interaction and traffic from your pins, AND monitor what’s being pinned from your website. And you can analyse your audience as well – to identify those who have the most power and who you should interact with more.

They also have a natty little feature that gives you recommendations based on their analysis of your account – like “pin more on Wednesday – you get more interactions!”. Finally, there’s a contests widget.

3 pricing options start with a Free account. The Free account gives you enough access to test it, but I think anyone will quickly want to upgrade to the Basic (only $19 / month) to get all the extra bits and pieces.

Other Pinterest Automation Tools suitable for Small Businesses:

Pinads by Dobango

Similar to Viralwoot – but with a clearer policy. You sign up as an advertiser or an influencer. So to get paid to pin, OR to pay people to pin your content.

Pinterest Automation Tools for Bigger Business (or those very invested in Pinterest)

Even if you think you need one of these straight off, I’d suggest having a go with one of the simpler ones first to get a better idea of what you’re buying. And because the viral nature of promotion in Pinads and Viralwoot may well be of use to you in addition to the below.


Full on pinterest and other visual social media management system. Starts at $250 – only way to buy is to contact them.


Full on pinterest analysis and automation. Analytics includes being able to benchmark your competition. You can also manage campaigns and manage the community from within the tool. Prices not published – you have to request a demo to start that conversation.


Another higher end platform, combining Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube – request a demo to find out more.


Let me know which tools you’re using and how you’re finding them.