Another 5 Great Homepages

Back in April last year, we blogged about 5 great homepages – take a look at what we loved back then. With 18 months having passed, we thought it was time we found another 5 great homepages for you.

So, in no particular order, here we go:

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing are the preeminent force in Formula One having won both the drivers & constructors championships in 2010 and are most likely to achieve the same feat by the end of this year (if not this weekend!). A visit to their homepage brings you all you need to know about Red Bull Racing including twitter feeds, latest news, driver and constructor standings & a countdown to the next Formula One race.


The most prestigious and sought after awards in the film industry, the The Academy Awards (or Oscars as they are popularly known) have a homepage to match. Logging on to the homepage takes you to their campaign Oscar Buzz, designed to build interest and conversation about the 84th Academy Awards, taking plac next year. They advertise their own hash tag (#OscarBuzz), invite users to tweet it as well as incorporating a live feed and stats on which actors, actresses and films are being talked about most on Twitter.

White House

One of the most recogniseable buildings in the world, The White House houses arguably the world’s most powerful man – Barack Obama. It’s no suprise then, that when you visit the White House website’s homepage you are greeted with his image. The homepage is clear and concise, with the important information all appearing above the fold. The American Jobs Act (the key policy of President Obama’s re-election campaign) is also highlighted right at the top of the homepage.

The Times

As one of Britain’s largest newspapers, The Times & Sunday Times began charging for access to their websites in June 2010. As a result, the design of the websites changed massively. The homepage of The Times is impressively designed to mirror the style of a print newspaper and it looks great, is instantly recogniseable and is simple to navigate.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons’ interactive homepage is set in a background of unmistakeable Simpsons yellow and is great fun for both children and adults. It can take a little while to load on slow connections, but once loaded runs smoothly and contains loads of information including character profiles, downloads and clips & full episodes. Different areas of the website are housed in different film sets involving many of the characters from one of the worlds most famous cartoons.