JGS How to both embrace the path to Net Zero AND run a successful eCommerce business (episode 370)

Adam Bastock is the founder of Small99 who provides practical guidance to Net Zero for small business owners. He’s on a mission to guide 1 million micro-businesses to Net Zero by 2025.

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Getting Into The Net Zero Industry

Being in the SEO industry before, Adam says the connection is obvious and the move to net zero is not such a big leap.

In both industries, there’s a lot of information you need to know that can impact your business. But there is a communication gap that needs to be addressed. For him, net zero is neither a technological problem nor a financial one; it’s a marketing problem about conveying the right message.

He aims to close the gap quickly and is targeting to guide 1 million businesses to net zero by 2025.

Why Should Businesses Consider Going Net Zero?

Adam mentions two pressures that are being applied:

  • On the B2C side, consumers are anxious about the climate and when a business offers products that are net zero, there’s a positive response from consumers. People will spend more money with you as a result because people want to do something for the climate.
  • On the B2B side, from a legislative point of view, contributions to climate change is being measured. No matter where you are on the supply chain, you’ll have to show that you’re making things better for the climate.

Running A Successful Business While Going Net Zero

Think about it in terms of profit: the less you spend on making a product, the more profit you make.

The thing to remember about net zero is that it isn’t the cost; it’s the return on investment. Shifting to a better way of doing your business can mean that the returns are going to be greater than what you’re currently getting.

Making The Right Choice

Adam says that becoming energy efficient up front may be slightly more expensive, but you can earn the money back in just a few years.

But whether making the switch to becoming net zero is more expensive or cheaper, over time, the solution can really prove to be less expensive. 

Make sure you’re looking at your initiatives not just from the viewpoint of saving the planet, but also from a business standpoint that can make you more resilient in the future.

Promoting Your Net Zero Initiatives

Adam points out two things:

  • Be transparent about the steps you’re taking in becoming net zero, because consumers trust people who are honest, more. A Futerra study shows that consumers respond better when you’re honest about what you’re doing, rather than greenwashing and misdirecting your them. 
  • Climate Delayism is happening because of the idea that everything needs to be perfect. An article on climate delay says that expecting policies or actions to be perfect actually delays climate action. Remember that this is a journey to net zero, and not a sudden switch. Pursue net zero-focused actions not because they’re perfect, but because they’re better than what you’re currently doing.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Answer questions about your product because it’s a cheap and scalable way to get people onto your site.

Tool Top Tip

  • Email automation because it saves time answering questions. Klaviyo is the email platform used by Small99.

Growth Top Tip

  • Write an environmental policy for your business. If you want to remain resilient over the next few years, look at your environmental policy or lack of it, and start to put something together.

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