Abandoned Basket Emails [eCommerce Infographic]

ecommerce_infographic_of_the_weekI first found this infrographic in December last year, and I have to say it might well be the most useful one I found in the whole of 2012!

It’s called “The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email”, and outlines exactly how to go about making your abandoned basket emails work as well as possible for you.

What is an abandoned basket email?

Abanonded basket emails are a form of Remarketing. With them you email customers who filled their basket on your website, but failed to checkout.

Ideally the email is personalised to include details of what was in the basket, and to link the customer directly back to it so they can checkout easily.

Creating these (and capturing the data to send them too) is often complex – but that depends on what website and email platforms you’re using.

What can I learn from this infographic?

The key info is as follows:

  • When to send the email – best response is at 28 minutes – so get those emails out quickly
  • What should be in the Subject Line? Top scores are for Company name and Product informaion
  • What information and images should be in the email – there’s a great diagram of the email together with the click through rates on various areas

So, from this infographic you really can fast track the testing route to success of your abandoned basket emails.

To view the infographic full size – just click on the image to the left.

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