5 Ways You Can Be Wasting £1,000s on Adwords Without Even Realising [video]

If you missed yesterday’s Free eCommerce Seminar – now’s your chance to watch the video!

Everyone in eCommerce talks about Adwords, most eCommerce businesses are using Adwords. Most eCommerce businesses are wasting money in Adwords without even knowing it.

Adwords Keyword campaigns are complex things – there are 100s of settings, at least 10 different reports to look at for total optimisation. So if you’re not keeping up to speed with all of that you will be losing money without even knowing it.

In this video Chloë Thomas runs through the 5 ways she most frequently sees eCommerce businesses losing money in their Adwords Keyword Campaigns. We’re not talking about losing a few pounds a month, we’re talking about wasting £100s and sometimes £1,000s each month.

This video will be useful for you if:

– you are running Adwords Keywords campaigns right now
– you are thinking about running Adwords Keywords campaigns (forewarned is forearmed!)
– you are outsourcing you Adwords Campaigns to a consultant or agency