5 Tools you can use to find Content Marketing Ideas

I’ve spent a lot of this month talking about Content Marketing – and every time I hear people struggling to think of content ideas for their products or services.

So here are my top 4 tools for sparking some content ideas.

Google Discussion Search

To use this all you need to do is enter your product name, or keyword into the Google search bar and click the “Discussions” option (it might be hidden under “More”). Then you can see what topics around your search term are being discussed on forums and the like.

(extra tip – click the “Blogs” option next to Discussions can also bring up some good ideas too.



This little tool is very simple – enter your keyword and it will give you a couple of hundred related search terms. So you can find out what people are searching for that includes your keywords.

(extra tip – this is a bit of a simplified version of the Google Keyword Tool – so if you want more info, give that a go as well)

Look at Google Page 5+

Like the first suggestion, do a search on Google for your keyword but instead of clicking on Discussions just go to page 5 or higher and see what’s there.

Often there are some great ideas that just didn’t get a lot of traction.

Use Google Alerts



google alerts

If you’re finding a couple of keywords are giving you some great ideas, then set up a Google Alert for them.

A Google Alert is an email that gets sent to you every day / week etc, containing the latest content on that search term. They are free, and very easy to set up.

Content Idea Generator Google Doc



If you use Google Docs – then this is a must have addition to your tools. Simply follow the link above, then create a copy of the document and enter your own search phrase.

It then pulls in all the big stories about that keyphrase.

So, that’s 5 tools to help you find those elusive content ideas! Get searching, and let me know how you get on.