5 Tips to Convince Customers to Buy from your Website

Time and time again surveys show that a top reason people don’t buy online is a fear of the security of their details.

There are a number of simple things you can do to improve how secure visitors to site think it is, the more they trust you and your website the more likely they are to buy:

  1. Make sure your checkout is secure (https, little padlock in the bottom of the browser)
  2. Make sure your Ts & Cs / Privacy Policy details both how secure you are, AND how you will be using & storing the customers data (this information is legally required)
  3. Make sure your Ts & Cs / Privacy Policy are easy to find – if customers have to struggle to find this information they’re going to assume you have something to hide
  4. Clear delivery and returns processes will also help
  5. Include any security logos you are entitled to use within your checkout pages AND prominently on the homepage AND on every page of the site (even if it’s just in the footer it will help)
    These logos could include credit card logos, verisign, commidor, protx, worldpay, paypal etc etc – the added benefit of several of these is that it also lets the customer know that they can pay you in the way they want to

Many of these are simple and easy to implement, and will have a tangible impact on your site’s performance.