5 Reasons You Should Work With Cashback Websites

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Cashback websites can drive enormous amounts of traffic and generate lots of sales for the merchants who work with them. They do this by sharing commission payments with customers who make purchases using their cashback website account rather than visiting the retailer directly. They are quite often the top earning affiliates on affiliate networks. In recent years they have grown in popularity and show no signs of slowing down. Popular cashback websites include Quidco and Top Cash Back.

Many merchants believe that cashback websites steal sales from content based affiliates and don’t acquire new customers. They also believe that members of cashback sites have low incomes and are unlikely to spend huge sums of money. Research suggests this isn’t actually the case.

The following are 5 reasons why merchants who, for various reasons, have decided against working with cashback websites may want to reconsider.

1. Increased conversion rates

Cashback websites often have high conversion rates as many consumers who click though have already carried out their research and are in a position to buy.

2. New customer acquisition

Consumers who regularly search for cashback and aren’t aware of your brand have the opportunity to find it when browsing these types of websites.

3. Brands in their own right

Cashback websites are increasingly becoming part of mainstream consciousness and have become brands in their own right. For many consumers, cashback websites are a first port of call when it comes to finding the best deal.

4. High income members

A common mis-conception is that cashback website members are low income consumers looking to get money back and unlikely to spend huge sums of money. In fact research suggests the opposite. Typical cashback website users are thought to be web savvy consumers with high disposable incomes. Many earn over 50K per year and belong to socio A and B economic groups.

5. Habitual users

There are many consumers who use cashback websites whenever possible. Merchants who don’t work with cashback sites run the risk of losing these types of consumers to competitors who are working with them.

Judging from the above it’s clear that cashback websites can be of great value to merchants and that they should be viewed as a valuable brand partner in the same way a portal would be.