The 5 Focuses for eCommerce Success are…

Want to know what the 5 things you should be focused on for eCommerce success are?

Of course you do.

Here goes:

1. Traffic

Just putting a website live isn’t going to bring you any sales, you’ve got to do something to get some people to your site – that’s Traffic.

An endless process of testing, rolling out, and optimising!

The perfect traffic mix is different for everyone, and there’s always that fear that everyone else knows about some great source of traffic and haven’t told you.

2. Systems

eCommerce involves a LOT of things that you do again and again and again.

  • Pick, pack despatch
  • Reorder
  • Launch website, marketplace, country
  • Buy new product

The tasks that don’t get repeated are few and far between.

So it’s essential to make sure you have the right systems in place to both minimise the effort required (in time and money) and to maximise the chances of success.

3. Automation

This is another type of system, but one which once you’ve set it up you can leave technology to do the hard work for you.

Think email sequences, social media scheduling, and more.

Most often it’s doing the hard lifting in your marketing for you – driving you sales whilst you sleep.

4. Listen to the Customer

Successful eCommerce businesses have one thing in common – they’ve listened to their customers and given them what they wanted.

In product, marketing, brand, design, copy….

You HAVE to pay attention to your customer if you want to maximise your sales and profits.

There are SO many different ways to do it.

5. Websites

Surprisingly enough you do have to focus on your website. doh!

Getting the brand look and feel right, making sure you’re on the right software system, and endlessly optimising to increase conversions.


These are the 5 key things to focus on eCommerce, which is why I’ve made each the focus of one of the days in my new virtual summit.

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