Efficiency Books – Chloe selects and reviews the ones you want in your stocking (episode 80)

I’m going to take you through the 5 books I think every eCommerce Business Person should consider reading to get them ready for 2017. My top 5 Efficiency Books to read over Christmas 2016.

And just like last year I don’t think you should read all 5, you know I’m all about efficiency and focus! Rather you should listen to this review then pick the one that best meets your challenges and opportunities for 2017 and read that one.

Talking efficiency and focus – that’s the theme of this year’s book review selection. Why? Well because it’s a subject that crops up in every single session of the Mastermind group, and something that crops up in many of my meetings with eCommerce business people. It’s far more often a question of working out WHAT to pick, than finding things to put in the list in the first place.

(last year I picked my top eCommerce books – if you want to hear about them, then you want to go back to episode 26)

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books for christmas 2016
5 Efficiency Books to Read over Christmas

Listen to hear why I recommend each, and for help on how to work out which will help you the most in 2017.

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