3 Things you Should Know about Dynamic Remarketing

There’s lots and lots of talk about Remarketing / Retargeting – but not so much about Dynamic Remarketing.

Dynamic Remarketing is the more-powerful-for-eCommerce big brother to remarketing. It should feature in your marketing plan for 2014, because it provides almost guaranteed profitability…

That’s because it automatically puts ads in front of your past visitors that feature the products they actually looked at!

So what are the 3 key things you need to know?

1. You Can Do It All With Google Adwords

You don’t need anything other than Google Adwords – no extra software, you can set the whole thing up in Google Adwords.

A Dynamic Remarketing Ad

To do so, you need:

  • Remarketing Lists set up in Adwords
  • A Product Listing Feed submitted into your Google Merchant Account

Then you can just create a Display Network – Remarketing Campaign (or add it to your existing remarketing campaign). And create an adgroup with the right list, and a dynamic ad.

2. You Don’t Need Any Graphic Design Skills

Dynamic Ad Choices OptionsGoogle will create the Ads for each site visitor for you (very useful as there could be as many ad variations as you have customers!).

All you need to do is to set up each ad type in your Google Adgroup – simple as that!


3. Don’t Think It’s Easy

Yes, it is easy to get it set up. But to get it working really well for you takes a bit more work and thought…

Here’s some set up errors and stumbling blocks I often see so you can avoid them:

  • In your Remarketing list exclude the order confirmation page so you’re not advertising a product someone has already bought it
  • Not everyone who visits your site will look at a product, so you do still need to run ‘normal’ remarketing activity to get your ads in front of everyone
  • There are lots of ad sizes – make sure you set them all up in all your adgroups (unless you’ve done the testing and identified some that don’t work for you
  • If you care about your brand do consider excluding some types of site from where your ads can appear (if you sell yoga retreats you don’t want your ads appearing on adult sites, or violent sites)

Those are my top 3 tips – so get your Dynamic Remarketing happening! And let me know how you get on.