3 reasons every merchant should work with voucher code sites

A few years ago there were only a handful of voucher code sites – a new concept within the online marketplace. Today, there are hundreds of various connotations of voucher code sites including sector specific sites, broad brush sites covering all industries, voucher code focused blogs, cashback and voucher code combined sites…the list goes on.

I’ve heard many discussions as to whether working with voucher code sites just means giving away margin, simply giving extra discount to people who would have bought from you anyway. In some cases this may be the case but here’s 3 reasons we recommend working with them and how you can avoid that scenario:

1. Reach a different type of customer

Most online consumers are now aware of voucher codes, many are aware of voucher code sites and a growing number won’t buy online without visiting them first.

OK, so you have your loyal customers who will buy with you because they love your brand and love your product. This is great, but there are an increasing number of consumers that just aren’t as loyal any more. In order to tap into that section of the market, you need to be present where they’re shopping.

Voucher code sites have their own marketing strategies meaning you can get your offers and your brand directly in front of people you may not have otherwise reached – in their inboxes, via thin front of facebook users, twitter users and more.

2. Use them to help your merchandising

Don’t think that unless you are prepared to offer an exclusive code for at least 20% discount off everything, a voucher code site won’t promote you. More and more they’re trying to gain competitive advantage amongst the large and competitive voucher code industry and that means they’re more flexible than maybe they have been in the past.

Using voucher code sites you can get your offers in front of new potential customers in a way that would be much harder to achieve through other methods.

Be clever about the codes you offer:

  • Use voucher code sites to promote offers you were running anyway, voucher code sites don’t always need to have a code to promote you and it’s extra exposure for your promotions.
  • Be clever about the codes you offer – give exclusive discounts on products that aren’t selling so well and will be reduced anyway in the near future. It can help you clear stock as well as reach new customers.
  • Strong offers on new ranges, bestsellers, product tests can get you included in newsletters, homepage promotions, bespoke blog pieces. Your offer – and therefore your products and brand – can very quickly be put under the noses of people you may not otherwise have reached.

3. Your competitors will be there even if you’re not

You can be almost certain that at least some, if not all, of your competitors will be working with voucher code sites.

Without a doubt you want to avoid the following scenario:

  • A potential, or even repeat, customer visits your site
  • They see something they like
  • They visit a voucher code site to see if they can get an offer
  • They can’t find you on the site but they see a competitor with an offer
  • They visit the competitor site
  • They find something equally as suitable
  • They buy from your competitor

Most voucher code sites will list you under their list of brands even if you don’t give them voucher codes. They want to be seen as covering as many retailers as possible, therefore being seen as the authority in voucher codes. Get them to join your programme and you can ensure your name will be listed alongside that of your competitors.

If you’re even cleverer, by working closely with voucher code sites, you can keep an eye on the offers your competitors are offering and, due to the speedy nature of some voucher code sites, you might be able to get an equally good, if not better, offer next to your competition within hours.

Don’t forget…

If you’re worried about giving away margin for the sake of it, carry out some analysis of the customers coming in via each voucher code site. For each site you can see how many are repeat customers, how many are new, what vouchers work best etc. Analyse how many (if any) sales you might lose if you don’t work with an individual voucher code site and weigh that against what you gain if you do.

With some clever analysis you can streamline the voucher code sites that you work with to make sure both you and they get the most out of your presence on them.