3 Benefits of the Niche Product Range Scale

With ecommerce being dominated by the big websites such as Amazon, play.com and ASOS, it’s suprising to see the huge uprise in the amount of smaller niche websites. These niche websites delve deeper into specific product types and ranges than the larger retail websites.

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Why are so many people starting niche websites?

As a general rule, you need a strong USP when starting a business, and delving deeper into niches is a great way to do that. When it comes to online properties then exactly the same is true, if you focus your website to a core target market then the return can be fantastic. The reasons for the greater potential of success with a niche website with a highly targeted product range can be, in part, attributed to:

The Search benefits of Niche

The chance of appearing higher up in the search engines for what your company offers is greatly increased. If you take for example, the website www.todryfor.com ; they are a website who only sell tea-towels. The whole website from front to back has content talking solely about tea towels, the meta tags all centre around tea towels and it’s likely that the links they have coming into their site are tea towel focused. This will indicate to Google that this website is wholly about tea towels and will definitely be relevant to anyone searching for tea towels or similar terms. This is completely proven by the fact when you type tea towels in Google, they are number 1, 2 places above Amazon.

The Partner benefits of Niche

A niche site will be loved by affiliates, especially pay per click affiliates. It makes their life easier as they know exactly what to communicate to the people that use their sites instead of being a broader, more difficult to advertise website. With PPC affiliates, they know that they can save money and potentially earn greater return on their investment if they work for a niche site as the cost per click for a highly targeted website / product is greatly less, and there’s a much higher potential conversion rate than that of a competitive broader, bigger website.

The PPC Benefits of Niche

If you run your own PPC campaigns, then your cost per click, much the same as an affiliate, will be dramatically less, and your conversion rate higher because of the highly targeted nature of a niche website.

So for these reasons set out above, it’s easy to see why so many smaller websites have started to appear. With www.todryfor.com appearing above Amazon for such a “broad” term as tea towel, it gives any aspiring entrepreneur the impetus to start their own niche website.

Find out more about Niche in our Power of Niche video