2017 eCommerce Growth Series Sponsored by Veeqo, the Number 1 Inventory Software

veeqoWe’re very excited to be bringing you a special podcast series to kick off the year! Our eCommerce Growth Series.

Huge thanks to everyone at Veeqo for making the series possible – if you’d like to find out more about their great services, and sign up for a free trial – just follow this link.

The eCommerce Growth Series Episodes:

083: Best Self Co’s Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer on how they won the Shopify Build a Business Competition and will achieve 100,000 orders in their first year

Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer are the co-founders of Best Self Co. It’s an online only eCommerce business that started by selling just one product, and is now branching out into digital content. The product is a daily planner to help you optimise your day. There are 2 reason’s I’m very excited to have them on – obviously I’m a big fan of planning and goals so it’s great to be able to bring this to you, especially right at the start of 2017! But, more importantly they’ve just won the “People’s Choice” award in the 2016 Shopify Build a Business Competition. The website launched on 1st January 2016, and as we record they have sold over 28,000 journals globally (by the time you listen to this we reckon it’ll be over 100,000).

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083-5: Experts View: The Marketing Method More People Should be using in 2017

Each of our eCommerce experts makes the case for a marketing method they believe more of us should be using in 2017. There’s a big range of topics here – with some great marketing ideas for all of us, whatever our business type, size, or product.

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084: Equichoice’s Chantal Wellavize – balancing 2 business, great customer service tips and a 600% roi marketing method

Chantal Wellavize is the founder of Equichoice, a bricks and clicks store selling ‘the products your horse would choose’. The business started in 2006 as a bit of hobby and online now does 10-15 orders per day. She talks through the challenges of balancing her two very different businesses, and how Equichoice has given her the flexibility to create her own work life balance.

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084-5: FE International’s Thomas Smale – Buy or Build? How should you get started in eCommerce?

Thomas Smale co-founded FE International in 2010. It is now the world’s largest website brokerage focused on eCommerce, SaaS, and content websites! Thomas is joining me today to discuss “Buy or Build” – if you’re not yet in eCommerce should you start you own business, or buy an existing one? We discuss this in depth, plus how to get started on the buying path.

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085A&B: Shop America’s Gerjo van den Burg on how to systematise your business to be prepared for growth

Gerjo van den Berg is back on the show for a second time to share how he’s systematising his buisness to be able to grow to the next level. We’ve split this into 2 shows this first part is all about how bad it got, and how he realised that things didn’t have to be that way. Gerjo runs Shop America an online only eCommerce store supplying American products (from sweets to salad dressing) to customers in the Netherlands & beyond. He started the business back in 2011 and now turns over EURO300,000 with 500-600 orders per month, so it’s a low AOV (average order value) business model. In this show he outlines how he reached a crisis point and the ways he’s been pushing himself to make the business more efficient over the last few months. This is an must-listen episode packed with tips and ideas!

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085-5: Matt Warren on founding, growing and exiting two 7-figure turnover eCommerce businesses selling watches

Matt Warren founder of our series sponsors Veeqo – but don’t worry this isn’t a pitch episode – nope. Rather we’re going to dive into what led Matt to create Veeqo in the first place – As before Veeqo Matt was a serial eCommerce business owner and it was His own experiences running eCommerce businesses that led him to create Veeqo. First came Blitz Enterprises – a five year project which Matt grew from nothing to over £6m per year. Next was Jura Watches, a 7 year project creating the UK’s first official luxury watch retailer.

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086: Love Aroma’s Lewis Love 400% growth, and achieving £1m turnover in 2 years selling Yankee Candles

Lewis Love is the eCommerce Manager of Love Aroma a Bricks and Clicks retailer specialising in curating the best range of home fragrances. They launched offline in 2010, and online in 2014 and in 2016 is on track to do a £1 million turnover online, that’s 60,000 orders. In this show he reveals the path to launching the eCommerce side of the business, his tips for successful SEO and how to win on the deals websites. Plus lots on why focusing on your customer is key and how the products are at the centre of it all.

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086-5: The Product Startup’s Filip Valica – should you create your product? And if so, how do you get it right?

Filip Valica is the host of The Product Startup Podcast. He is a mechanical engineer with a passion for designing, building and improving products. We discuss the pros and cons of creating your own product, how to work through the design process to create something that your customers will want to buy!

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087: Stonemen’s Johnnie Cass on building a great relationship with your biz partner, and going global

Johnnie Cass is the co-founder and General Manager at Stonemen, an underwear brand who make the best underwear you can get. They sell online, and wholesale to stockists globally. They launched 6 years ago and now turnover $500,000 per year. We discuss how they founded the business, how he and his business partner meld their very different views to create a successful company, and the key tools involved in that. Plus, the challenges of cashflow, budgetting and wholesaling overseas.

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