2015 Highlights Show 2: Content Marketing and Social Media (episode 030)

I decided it would be great to end the year with a couple of highlights podcasts. Pulling together what our interviewees had to say about some key topics to give you a quick-fire resource for building your business in 2016.

Last time we focused on New Customer Acquisition and Repeat purchase (with a heavy dose of customer service!).

And in this episode we’re going to continue the ‘how to grow’ theme by looking at the power of content and social media to grow your business.

Please do use these highlights shows to jump back and re-listen (or listen for the first time) to an interview we’re featuring here to get a clearer idea of what you can do in your business in 2016.

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highlights show 2

Here’s the list of who we’ve featured in this highlights show – if you want to hear the whole of their interview, just follow the links.

Content Marketing and Social Media Highlights

Content marketing and social media are inextricably linked, and remain a hot topic in eCommerce: