2015 Highlights Show 1: New Customer Acquisition, Repeat Customers, and Customer Service (episode 029)

Happy Christmas!

I decided it would be great to end the year with a couple of highlights podcasts. Pulling together what our interviewees had to say about some key topics to give you a quick-fire resource for building your business in 2016.

The responses to our book give-away competition about what you’ll be focusing on in 2016 made it very clear what we need to cover to help you.

So these 2 highlights podcasts will focus on growth through marketing, covering in this episode:

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Repeat purchase (with a heavy dose of customer service!)

In the second show we look at Content Marketing and Social Media

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highlights show 1

Here’s the list of who we’ve featured in this highlights show – if you want to hear the whole of their interview, just follow the links.

New Customer Acquisition Highlights

New customer acqusition remains a key concern and a hot topic in eCommerce:

Repeat Customers and Customer Service Highlights

Customer service is an integral part of getting Repeat customers listen to our Internet Retailing Conference Takeaways show for more