2 Examples of Dynamic Artwork in Emails

Dynamic Artwork is images that move. You can easily incorporate these into your emails – let me tell you how, and also show you 2 great examples.

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Dynamic Artwork that Works in Emails

email_moving image B

I really like this one from Charles Tyrwhitt – it’s really simple to do, looks great, and quickly demonstrates that the offer is for FIVE shirts.

email_moving image A

Then this one from Yo Sushi takes it up a gear! There’s barely anything in this image that doesn’t move.

It pulls your interest to the offer, and demonstrates the key things about the restaurant – the belt moves AND they sell sushi.

How can you do this in your emails?

Well, first of all you need a good reason to use moving images.

Not because it’s hard, or time consuming, but because it works best when the movement adds to the message. Movement for the sake of movement ain’t worth it.

A good idea might be demonstrating the offer (as above with the shirts), or highlighting the offer (as Yo Sushi have done), or illustrating the product – if you have a product that’s best viewed in 2 pictures – why not turn them into a simple rotating image?

Once you have your idea you just need to construct an animated gif of it.

A gif is a very simple image file that (once created) you can use as anywhere you can use a jpg or a png file – it’s just another image, only – it moves! Any graphic designer can create one for you. Just be careful of the weight of the file – it can be a challenge to keep it a small file size.

Please send me your gif’s in emails and I’ll publish any good ones that come in!

Once you have your good idea it’s time to ex