10 Ways to Boost your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic]

This infographic about Facebook Engagement will help you focus in on the key things you can do to improve engagement.

What is Facebook Page Engagement? It’s the not-so-secret way to succeed on Facebook, to get more like, visits, traffic, and ultimately sales. It works because the more people you have interacting (engaging) with your posts and page, the more people will see your content, and the more they’ll interact, and the more people will see it – and on – and on.

Why do you want to improve your Engagement on Facebook to grow your list and improve your sales…

There’s 10 tips here that any business can use:

  1. Show your personality
  2. Ask questions
  3. Use images
  4. Provide an inside look at your company
  5. Stay specific
  6. Use your fans’ content
  7. Keep posts simple
  8. Be persistent
  9. Love your followers
  10. Have fun