10 eCommerce Marketing Tips from our latest Virtual Summit (episode 383)

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In this episode, Chloe will give us just one top tip from each of the 10 sessions within the summit. So make sure you sign up to get all the advice from our excellent speakers.

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5 Tips from Customer Acquisition Day

Tip #1 – Neil Forrest, Gorgias

Customer service can affect your acquisition strategy a lot. Here are a couple of tips on what to do for this area of your business:

  • Respond faster. Get back to customer inquiries quickly if you want them to buy.
  • Your customers are going to decide where they want to ask for help, so you need to be ready to respond to inquiries and questions on every single platform.
  • Get two months FREE with Gorgias and use their system to speed up your customer service response times AND integrate all your social channels

Tip #2 – Ben Parr, Octane AI

There’s so much more focus now on zero-party data. Here is a strategy to increase acquisition and collect zero-party data:

  • Build a quiz to convert your website visitors faster.

Tip #3 – Derric Haynie, eCommerce Tech

Your tech can do a lot for you. Here’s a tip if you think you haven’t found the right one yet:

  • Stop trying to find a blog post or podcast episode about the perfect eCommerce tech stack. You need to do the work to find the right tech stack that’s right for your business.
  • Sign up to be a beta tester for eCommerce Tech’s new tool that will track and analyse your existing apps

Tip #4 – Rob Harrison-Plastow, Time Agency

Facebook Ads changed a lot in the past year. Here’s what you need to do to make them even better and more effective than before:

  • It’s time to re-work ALL your creativity. Download and use Rob’s empathy blueprint to make it easy to do the research so you get your creative right the first time.

Tip #5 – Steven Clift, GoodCarts

A key trend this 2022 is partnerships. Here’s a tip on what you can do to try it out for your business:

  • Find some complementary eCommerce stores to partner with and try putting ads for each other on your order confirmation pages (and the easiest way to do that – use GoodCarts!).

5 Tips from Customer Retention Day

Tip #6 – Gemma Banks, Klaviyo

Customer-First Data will take your retention strategy to the next level. Here’s what you need to do with it:

  • Be led by the data – you can have all the cool ideas for automation, and campaigns you like – but you’ll get a lot more impact if you start with the data. Find out where your biggest opportunities are and how you can take advantage of them.
  • Get Klaviyo’s Customer-First Data report

Tip #7 – Ivana Radojevic, Stream Commerce

One strategy you need to test this year is SMS. Here is a tip for starting out:

  • Do NOT scour your database for every SMS number you can find – grab them fresh, start from zero. It will be the best route forward!

Tip #8 – Becky Hopkin, Digital Gearbox

Google Ads can be part of our customer retention strategy. Here’s what you can do:

Tip #9 – Oliver Spark, Sweet Analytics

Targets and goals are key for any business, and your strategy for achieving them can start with retention. Here’s a tip on how to do this:

  • Don’t just say “we’re doing some retention” – work out your cohort sizes, what you can expect from them, and then set budgets and targets from there.

Tip #10 – Chloë Thomas, eCommerce MasterPlan

Protecting your margins and minimizing your discounting activities should be part of your retention strategy. Here’s what you need to do to achieve both:

  • Build more trust and connection with your customers – it will lessen your need to use offers.
eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit 2022

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