Why an eCommerce MasterPlan?

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eCommerce is a huge, growing industry. In the UK last year it grew by 16%, whilst Europe remains the biggest eCommerce marketplace North America is catching up, and eCommerce market in the Middle East grew by 45% last year.

Despite it’s size and maturity (in some markets) there’s no roadmap for success. There’s no easy to follow guide that will help eCommerce businesses succeed. It’s that gap I hope eCommerce MasterPlan will help to fill.

What’s eCommerce MasterPlan based on?

Since 2001 I’ve been working in direct marketing, since 2004 I’ve been directly involved with the structures and marketing of eCommerce businesses. At the last count I’ve been directly involved with the marketing of over 50 eCommerce businesses, some as a member of staff some as a consultant. I’ve project managed more than 15 eCommerce website builds or rebuilds, and advised on many more. I’ve helped eCommerce businesses launch, go international, and helped high street retailers launch online. Unfortunately I’ve also seen them close or go under.

I’ve sold everything from high street fashion, to books, to holidays. In all that time I’ve barely seen 2 businesses approach eCommerce in the same way, and I’ve frequently come across businesses avoiding a marketing method that holds the key to their success, or holding onto one that is doing them no favours at all.

What I have learnt along the way is that there are some clear structures that when followed invariably lead to success, and some great big pot holes that if you know about them in advance it’s really easy to avoid.

eCommerce MasterPlan is based on all I’ve learnt from being immersed in eCommerce for  the last 8 years. I believe it provides the blueprint, the roadmap, the MasterPlan for the success of every eCommerce business. If you follow the 5 Steps outlined in this book you will build an eCommerce business that will succeed. And you will get there faster.

The 5 Steps are based on the 1,000s of conversations I’ve had with eCommerce business owners about the problems and successes they’re having with their business. Conversations with people who either:

  • Have a successful business but want to take it to the next level of success.
  • Have a great idea for an eCommerce business but can’t work out where or how to start.
  • Have a business that should be doing well, but just doesn’t seem to be taking off in the way they think it should.

If you’re in one of those positions yourself – the book will help you get started and take your business to the next level.

About the author

Chloë Thomas has been working in direct marketing for over ten years, and has been directly involved with the structures and marketing of eCommerce businesses since 2004. At the last count she has worked on the structure and marketing of over 50 eCommerce businesses, selling everything from holidays to High Street fashion. Chloë has discovered that there are some clear structures which, when put in place, lead invariably to success. It is those structures, and how to apply them, which she unfolds and explains here.