Christmas Card Video = Brand Builder, and Content Marketing

There are lots of Christmas videos doing the rounds at the moment (strangely enough!), but I think this one’s a great example of how it can be used in eCommerce to build some depth and personality into the brand so I thought I’d blog about it. (plus I promised Mark the owner of The Present Finder that I would, as he gave me such a lovely review of my book – it’s only fair to reciprocate at this time of year!)

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Can a 2 Minute Video Change your eCommerce Business?

Yes, if you’re Michael Dubin CEO of

Back in March this startup created a funny video about it’s product – a $1 per month men’s razor subscription service. Not the most exciting product in the world – and they use this fact well in the video. The video is fantastic content – it reflects the brand, it explains the product, it shows off the company and it’s ethos. Plus it’s funny, which always helps when you’re trying to get something to go viral online.

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