Google Shopping Paid Ads [Infographic]

ecommerce infographicSo, we know Google Shopping in the UK is moving over to the Paid-Only option – but what does that mean?

Well, this infographic quickly summarises the results found by US retailers last autumn. If you can get over the fact it’s not going to be free traffic anymore, then there are some great opportunities to be had…

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Google Shopping – the rollout’s coming to you!

What is Google Shopping?

aka Google Base

aka Google Product Feed

Google Shopping is the engine that powers the product results on the Google search engine. That’s the results that have a product image, price, name, and shop you can buy it from.

The content of Google Shopping is provided by each eCommerce business to Google via a feed (a web-based spreadsheet of the eCommerce site’s product inventory). Google then compile all the information and use it help people find the products they’re looking for. Right now this is a free service.

Why is Google Shopping Important?

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