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Here are some reviews of our books:

As a small business we consider ourselves to be fairly good at the general sales and customer service side of things however, as virtually all of our business is internet based we realised that we had to promote ourselves more on the internet and social media platforms but had no idea on how to do this. We discovered the eCommerce books when searching for help on the internet…they have been brilliant. The way in which the internet and social media works for businesses is very complex but these books explain each aspect in easy to understand English and have helped us to grow our business in new areas. Within a few weeks we had already cut our Google adwords monthly fees by 75% simply by understanding how it worked. We are also able to track where our sales are coming from through Google Analytics. We constantly refer to the books which are very informative and definitely worth every penny.

Derek and Jenny Brigden,

Chloe has done the impossible – condensed a massively complex and detailed subject into a crisp clear set of “To Do” lists with masses of live examples. I tried very hard but could not find anything she had left out.

Anyone running an ecommerce business will relate to so much of this book and get the inspiration to get on and improve their business almost immediately.

In 12 years of running an e-commerce business, I have found that just as you crack one new method of digital marketing, two more grow in its place. This book seems to get a grip of all the methods and allows you to conquer them in a manageable way.

If you are just starting on the ecommerce route, congratulations, you have found the Bible – I suggest you read Chapter Two (How to build a website) very thoroughly, right now!

The Present FinderMark Ashley Miller, Founder, The Present Finder

The eCommerce MasterPlan provides a useful roadmap for what is still a relatively new industry. The MasterPlan has a first step to assist the reader in identifying their type of business and removes any concern of a “one size fits all” approach. The author has used her broad experience to provide a book giving the sort of specialised advice normally only available with large scale consulting spend.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to build on their eCommerce efforts. The added content online gives the reader the chance to work examples, complete workbooks as well as the comfort that this is as up to date as the author’s impressive knowledge base.

TescoP. Cuthbert, Project Manager,

This is the Bible to Website Management and Marketing 101. A good book shelf addition for all dinosaurs, Successful Online Managers, Web Entrepreneurs or total novices that need a no-nonsense straight to the point read of where to start and how.

I myself have been in this industry now for twelve years and it’s always good to go back to the basic and refresh your own learnings – that’s why I love this book.

Chloe Thomas shows you step-by-step how to build and manage your online business. She strips back to the core of what you are trying to achieve and demonstrates that it takes work, but it’s much easier than you thought. Easy and enjoyable to read, with a clear a plan of action and totally applicable to today.

La SenzaMaxine Duncan, Online Commercial Manager La Senza UK

eCommerce can be a minefield of abbreviations, technical terms and (like IT) a complex journey that would scare most people off creating and marketing a website.

The eCommerce MasterPlan by Chloe, an experienced e-commerce professional, breaks down many of the uncertainties of the ecommerce world. Understanding your business model as identified in the first chapter is key and following the simple worksheets will really set you up for success and help you plan properly.

Throughout the eCommerce MasterPlan relevance is put on the importance of content being King. Plus, one small step that is planned is better than jumping in feet first with multiple ideas that don’t get the attention needed. Chloe has also laid bare the fundamentals of running a web site, going out to tender with documents to make life easier and the key components of driving traffic to a website.

This book has something for everyone whether a novice entering the world of ecommerce or someone like myself who has worked in ecommerce for many years, there is a takeaway for everyone.

This ecommerce master class not only covers the core elements you would expect but goes one step further; highlighting how to work out ROI, and giving simple examples that actually make sense. Plus, it’s packed with ideas that you will be able to apply to your everyday planning, implementation and review of digital marketing.

A great read and followed up by a training course that will keep you mind bubbling for hours to come.

Lee Carpenter-Johnson, E-commerce director, Galactic Online

In this book Chloe, sets outs to aid you to write and deliver your very own eCommerce business masterplan and she does this in spades. From the cerebral to the extremely practical, you won’t be short of a simple action list, which when implemented will deliver you a cast iron ROI.

James Aston; Managing Director, Moneyspyder Ltd