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Just what is Search? [video]

How Google works is something you need to understand if you’re going to succeed in getting traffic from Google to your eCommerce website. Many people I speak to struggle to understand it, and not unsurprisingly given that it’s a very complex system. Below is a great video by Matt Cutts (Google’s search supremo!) explaining how […]

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What is Your eCommerce Business Worth? [eCommerce Infographic]

What is Your eCommerce Business worth (scaled)

Every business should be built to be sold. No matter how much you love it, no matter how long you intend to be running it, every business should be built with the end game of selling up. That’s because the principles of building it to sell will build you a great business. If you’ve never […]

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eCommerce Marketing – Chapters Mindmap

I’ve been playing around with my mindmapping tool and I if you’ve been wondering just what is in eCommerce Marketing: How to get Traffic that Buys to your website – then take a look:   Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit the mind map: eCommerce Marketing: How to Drive Traffic That […]

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Setting up your Google Analytics Site Search Tracking

Site search doesn't work

It always surprises me how few businesses are using Google Analytics Site Search Tracking. Once set up it allows you to analyse what people are typing into the search bar on your website, and the impact that has on their trip through your website. The crazy thing about the lack of use of this is […]

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Fuel your eCommerce Engine with Social Content [eCommerce infographic]

Cracking infographic from OfferPop, outlining the power of social content, and HOW to get it.

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6 Ways to Not Look Like A Spammer [infographic]

This week’s infographic comes from Adestra – who are the kings of deliverability (aka not being a spammer) in the UK. There’s 6 easy to follow tips in this infographic that will help your emails get into the all important inbox.

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Making Personalisation Easy – Trenance Chocolates Case Study

easy amends

Trenance Chocolates make luxury handmade chocolates in Cornwall, UK. Focusing on bringing the customer flavours they’ll love within fantastic chocolate. (If you’re one of my clients – these are the chocolates you get at Christmas!). As part of this desire to give customers the right flavours, they’ve created a “Design your own box” tool on […]

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Is great customer service important to you? Then be FAST! [eCommerce infographics]

This week not one, but 2 infographics for you! The next / current customer service battle ground is speed of response, by all channels. These 2 infographics outline the customer expectation AND just how much you can gain if you meet the customers needs.

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Home Shopping Annual Trends – was your 2013 normal?

Abacus Annual Home Shopping Trends Report

It’s that time of year again – when the Abacus Alliance’s Home Shopping Annual Trends report comes out. Sending all the mail order businesses in the UK scurrying to see if their experiences last year were typical, or differed from industry benchmarks. You can download your copy from here, or read on to find out […]

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India Fashion eCommerce Shopping Trends – Infographic

If you’re a retailer of clothing or other fashion items – this is a great infographic to help you see if India is a potential market for you. 50% of the population by fashion online at least once per month Clothes are the most popular puchase (52% of people), with shoes in a strong second […]

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